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Dec. 31st, 2008 @ 08:29 pm Yuletide Thank You and Pimping
Breaking news: I'm back home. I'll probably write more about the trip tomorrow, but suffice to say it was good, and California is as lovely as always.

However, right now I really need to take care of some belated business, which is to say: Thank you, mysterious Yuletide secret Santas! I got two great fics in Yuletide this year, and I'm immensely grateful for both. I'm not sure if either writer will read this, but the world needs to know that I think they're rad.

Since I know the fics will be relevant to the interests of some of you, here they are. If you enjoy them, please comment on the fic to let the writer know:

Closed Position: The Fighting Polka: a Six String Samurai fic (SSS fic! Joy!) about the Russians. It feels like the best bits of the film, both absurd and melancholy at once, and is honestly everything I'd wished for with that particular request.

Diplomatic Relations is an Exalted story about Sesus Nagezzar, which is to say I'd love it by default, but it's also thoughtful and respectful of his character and his strategies to save Creation from itself. If you like Exalted on any level other than "whraaaa warstriders," you need to read this.

Once again: thanks, Santa(s). I appreciate it.
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