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Belated Yuletide Thanks!

I've just gotten back from my parents' place, at which S. and I spent the holidays. (I will endeavor to post an LJ post about this, but to be frank, I am unlikely to get around to it.) As such, I've been fairly busy the past few days, but I did want to make sure to officially post my thanks and recs for my Yuletide gift fics this year.

I received three gifts this Yuletide, one full-length fic and two short treats, and they're all great. To the authors, if you're reading this: thank you so much! To those who aren't the authors, here are the links, which I strongly advise you to read:

My full-length gift is Awake, a Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey story (spoilers through Fornax or so). It's Jimenez-centric and captures his character pretty much perfectly. My only reservation about recommending it is that it's very dependent on in-game events and isn't likely to make much sense if you haven't played to that point; that said, if you've played SMT:SJ, you should read this.

My other two fics are both vignettes in the style of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities and should be accessible to anyone: Niobe, about a city of ice, and Cities & Sleep, about the architecturally-unique city of Musafir. Both are beautiful and evocative, creating settings that are unique and exotic while remaining accessible to the imagination.

Go read stuff!
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An attempt at creative output for once

So, after much consideration (and much sturm und drang) about my creative output recently, I decided a jump-start was in order. I considered doing NaNoWriMo, but ultimately discarded it for lack of any compelling ideas; instead, I'm going to spend the month of November reviving my old drabble journal, moltenslagtears.

tl;dr reasoning: my goal here is to get back into the habit of writing every day and brainstorming story ideas. Really, my problem recently has been getting too deeply into fandom-based stuff; this ends up being, basically, hobby writing, and it ends up ultimately being unsatisfying, especially since I can't seem to get any kind of audience for my fanwork. I figure that it'll be more satisfying to me and a better development of my skills if I shift gears and start working on original content again. (Then again, at least some of Slag Tears has always been fandom-y... ah, well.)

Executive summary: New stuff coming at moltenslagtears! You might want to read it!
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Flying North Again

In about a half-hour, I'll be departing to start the journey to California for my grandmother's memorial/ashes-scattering service. I'll be gone for a little under a week; I should be back on Wednesday night, hopefully. I don't expect to have Internet access, although I will be bringing my laptop.

Peace, y'all.
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So, I am the last person on the Internet to have seen Watchmen.

Capsule review: pretty good! Certainly, probably the best adaptation of the material we could get in film form, and I definitely applaud it for not feeling its length at all. It was long, but it felt like it was for a reason, as opposed to so many New Zealand landscape shots!! a lot of other recent long-runners.

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I should probably reread the original graphic novel now, honestly. It's been years, and I'd forgotten big chunks of it. So it goes.

... I also may have to buy the soundtrack. Still have no idea what to think of the end-credits cover, but the rest was well-used and very nice.
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Good News, Bad News

Bad news: I lost my job yesterday.
Good news: it was perhaps the most amicable, life-affirming job loss possible.

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My last day of work was in the preschool, and as if to see me off, the kids were incredibly cute. Allow me to present an exchange:

Four-year-old boys S and T are playing with dinosaurs on the floor.
S: (holding up T-Rex to me) Was this a meat-eater or a plant-eater? 'cause T says it's a plant-eater.
T: Yes, I did! It's really fast... like, 600 feet!
S: A centipede has that many feet!

There's a lot I'll miss about the job, but dream-logic exchanges with and between small children may be first among them. You go, boys.
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Yuletide: The Reveal

This is obnoxious, I realize, but pimping one's own Yuletide fic seems to be the New Year's standard, and hey, maybe some of you will be interested in these.

As with last year, I wrote under my increasingly-usual fanficcing handle, Wasuremono. I wrote three fics for Yuletide '08:

The Hollow Earth: My main fic, for City of Heroes. An original-character origin story on which I probably worked too hard.

Harold to the Infinite Power: A Stranger Than Fiction fic which got more meta than it maybe should have. Also apparently my big Yuletide winner, by sheer number of comments/recs.

Princess in a Box: A Professor Layton fic from Flora's POV. This was a rush job, but I'm oddly pleased with it.

Now, to contemplate NYR fics...
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