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It's a Beautiful Life, My Life

So Hang Your Hairshirt on the Lowest Rung

Anti-Vehicle Rocket
22 September 1983
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I never like filling out bio sections. Does anyone?

Anyway, hi. My name's Amanda; I am an unexceptional member of my generation, an overeducated, undertrained twenty-something trying to figure out how adulthood works. This journal, updated infrequently, is mostly used for RL stuff, but there are occasional posts about fandom, roleplaying, and my other nerd hobbies. Did I mention I'm a nerd? Yeah.

Most RL content will be posted friends-only here, due to privacy concerns. My friending policy, such as it is, is quite lenient, but I prefer to friend people I actually know from elsewhere. If in doubt, send me a message, and I... may see it? Eventually? Man, I dunno.

Yeah. Such is my life.
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